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SMC Pneumatic Valves Lock Out

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SPEED (FLOW) CONTROLS: These valves (commonly called speed controls or flow controls) let you control the extension and retraction of your pneumatic cylinders. You can control the flow of air in the direction of flow (indicated by an arrow on the unit) from "End 1" to "End 2" simply by turning the finger dial. Air is allowed to free flow in the direction opposite of the arrow.

LOCK OUT VALVES: If you need to stop the flow of air to downstream components quickly, these valves get the job done. You can lock them in the open or closed positions, eliminating issues due to tampering.

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Item #

End 1 Size

End 1 Connection Style

End 2 Size

End 2 Connection Style


List Price

Unit of Measure

CSVHS20-N02-Z 1/4 NPT Thread 1/4 NPT Thread Metal $42.77 Each
CSVHS30-N03-Z 3/8 NPT Thread 3/8 NPT Thread Metal $50.32 Each
CSVHS40-N04-Z 1/2 NPT Thread 1/2 NPT Thread Metal $68.34 Each
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 
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