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All Categories > Adhesives, Privers, and Thread Lockers  

Adhesives, Privers, and Thread Lockers

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Hernon Adhesives

Cements, Epoxies, and Adhesives

CorrosionX Aerosol

Lubricants and Penetrants

CorrosionX is a multi-functional product that stops and prevents rust or corrosion on any metal surface, is a superior lubricant and an unbelievable penetrant. CorrosionX is specially designed to displace moisture, stop rust and corrosion and provide protection against rust and corrosion. Any metal surface that rusts or corrodes is a potential application. CorrosionX is also an unsurpassed penetrant. It penetrates and breaks down existing oxidation, gets to the base metal and allows quick, easy dismantling of corroded/rusted components.
Rejex 16 oz.


Polishes can be used to give an ultra-slick high gloss finish that seals and protects painted surfaces, glass, metal, gel coat and acrylic.
Hernon Nuts N' Bolts 425


Hernon EF Primer 50


Hernon Sealants


Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. offers numerious high performance adhesives and sealants that have been used in virtually every industry for more than 30 years. Hernon's team of expert engineers and chemists work to customize formulas that result in the best, most cost-effective products made from the best materials.
Hernon EF Cleaner 62


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