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SMC Pneumatic Air Preparation Filters

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AIR FILTERS remove solid particles and water from your compressed air. AIR FILTERS with OIL SEPARATORS REMOVE solid particles, water, and ultra fine oil particles as well. AIR REGULATORS lower the pressure of compressed air to increase performance, save energy, and ensure the continuous, safe operation of your air powered tools. You can easily set the outlet pressure by adjusting the knob on your regulator. AIR LUBRICATORS provides lubrication for you tools helping to reduce wear and friction. AIR FILTER-REGULATORS combine both these components in a single unit saving you space and eliminating the need to maintain two pieces of equipment.

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Item #


Pipe Size (NPT)

Max Operating Pressure

Max Temperature

Filtration Rating


List Price

Unit of Measure

CSAF20-N02C-CZ Filter with Auto Drain 1/4 145 psi 140 ºF 5 µm Polycarbonate $42.90 Each
CSAF30-N03D-Z Filter with Auto Drain 3/8 145 psi 140 ºF 5 µm Polycarbonate $56.64 Each
CSAF40-N04D-Z Filter with Auto Drain 1/2 145 psi 140 ºF 5 µm Polycarbonate $71.94 Each
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 
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