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All Categories > Fasteners > High Performance Wall and Ceiling Anchors  

High Performance Wall and Ceiling Anchors

These high quality Mungo fastening products offer added value to professional customers in the construction and building maintenance industries.  Mungo's product range includes nylon plugs, metal anchors, chemical fixings, insulation fixings, drill bits and accessories.

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Mungo Nylon Anchors

Nylon Plug Anchors

Nylon is the optimum material for the fastening world.  Mungo nylon products are made from high-grade Polyamide PA6.  Due to its excellent characteristics PA6 can be described as the most valuable material in the fastening world.  It possesses a wide temperature range, resistance to humidity, excellent stability and low flammability.  In addition, this material helps to reduce the sound transmission between fastener and building material. Mungo offers a variety of nylon anchors that can be used with a variety of building materials.
Mungo MAN Ceiling Anchor

Ceiling Anchors

Mungo offers multiple sizes of its high performance MAN Ceiling Anchor. The MAN Ceiling Anchor is approved for multiple fixings of light weight suspended ceilings.  These ceiling anchors are suitable for concrete and natural stone (rock), and are fire resistant up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The MAN Ceiling Anchor can be installed using the simple setting process of flush hitting the overlaying pin.
Mungo Self-Drilling Anchors_rotated

Self-Drilling Anchors (Jet Plugs)

Mungo offers both metal and nylon Jet Plug Self-Drilling Anchors. These anchors are made from premium materials and are appropriate for use indoors with multiple materials. The quality design of these anchors allows for quick and simple installation.

Hammer Screw Drive Anchors

Hammer Screw Drive Anchors

Mungo offers a variety of styles and sizes of hammer screw drive anchors which can be confidently used with concrete, brick, and stone. The plug component is made of premium-grade polyamide PA6, which, due to its excellent characteristics, can be described as the most valuable material in the fastening world. Additionally, the plug component has a long expansion zone which guarantees optimum stability. The screw component of the hammer screw drive anchor features a reinforced screw head and buttress threading which allows for adjustment and dismantling. Mungo hammer screw drive anchors are quick and simple to install.

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